1. Job Listing Sites: There are potentially hundreds of sites that may provide you with job listings pertaining to your industry or area of expertise. The key to using them effectively is learning which one will save you time during your search while also providing you with the most lucrative results. Many industries have their own job-specific search sites, such as sites listing only flight attendant jobs, medical industry jobs, or jobs offering salaries above $50,000 per year or more.


2. Put Your Resume Online: Recruiters and employers are becoming more proactive in seeking job candidates, and the Internet is a prime location, making hundreds of thousands of resumes available to employers with just the click of a mouse. It is to your own advantage to have your resume updated and available on any sites in which your job interests can be found, so that employers who are actively looking for candidates can find you. Make sure any special skills are mentioned, as these might be keywords employers use when conducting a resume search.


3. Network: Linked:In is the top rated and most popular site for networking, and has helped many with an online job search. In addition to job listings posted on linked in, there are many different groups you can join in order to network with others in your industry, increase your industry knowledge, and receive helpful news and tips. Be sure to converse often to increase your name recognition—you never know when a potential employer may also belong to the group and be interested in what you have to say.


4. Research and Apply to Potential Employers: You don’t always have to wait for a company to actively post a job availability. If you have a good idea in mind of what companies you might be interested in working for, you can use the Internet to research those companies and submit your resume directly to the right people. Additionally, many companies often post job listings directly on their own websites. Be sure to look for links for employment opportunities somewhere on the site.


5. Social Media: Linked:In and Facebook fall under this banner, as does Twitter. You can also ad blogging to the list. You don’t necessarily have to engage in all of these sites, but participating in at least one or two actions will help increase your network and also enable you to discover more opportunities that you might not have been able to find previously. Blogging about your expertise on a particular subject also establishes you as an expert, which employers tend to favor.


6. Recruitment Companies: While recruiters typically tend to work more for businesses rather than applicants, there are many who specialize in collecting resumes from applicants that have a particular skill. For example, one recruitment agency might specialize in accountants and financial experts, while others are actively seeking creative individuals with experience in graphic design software. Locating a recruitment agency that specializes in your particular industry and submitting your resume will only increase your chances of being found or offered a job.


7. Local Newspapers: Nowadays nearly every major newspaper has their own website, with a career listings section enabling job seekers to perform an online job search, as well as local and national employers to seek applicants. Be sure to check out the site at least once a week. Fridays are typically when new jobs may be posted, but you can also usually select search criteria enabling you to see all new postings on a weekly or monthly basis.



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